Sunday, 24 January 2016

Lives & Times On BBC Radio 6 Music - Radcliffe and Maconie

I made my debut appearance on national radio at the end of last week. I appeared on BBC Radio 6 Music on the Radcliffe & Maconie afternoon show. They do a feature called The Chain where callers ring in to link songs and I managed to get on to give the 5668th song in The Chain so far. You can watch a video below which features the recording and some information on the Live & Times book. The song I chose was Mornington Crescent by Belle & Sebastian. The link to previous song was underground. The previous track was by The Velvet Underground and Mornington Crescent is an underground station.

I was prepped for my appearance on the show. I was asked what I did for a living, where I was and any interests I have. Naturally I mentioned the Lives & Times book and my mother's bowel cancer. Finally I was told that it was live radio, so no swearing and to turn my radio down.

Stuart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe led me through the feature making it very relaxed, enjoyable and easy for me. They also very kindly brought the book up during the interview, so I was able to give both the book and the Beating Bowel Cancer charity a massive plug. In fact I only made one schoolboy error which was forgetting to put my mobile photo on silent! And of course it rang slap bang in the middle of the interview... Fortunately Stuart & Mark being wise old pros were quick and funny to embrace that into a joke.

The book continues to do well, and it went pass the £750 mark over the last few days. My aim is still to raise £1000 so I am still relying on the continued support of everyone to help me achieve this. Breaking the book out into the mainstream public eye is one way that will help this, and an appearance on Radcliffe & Maconie was one way getting the book some welcome publicity.

So what can you expect in the book...
  • Sir Steve Redgrave CBE
  • Katherine Grainger CBE
  • Phil Parkes
  • Jonathan Agnew
  • Lorraine Kelly
  • Christopher Biggins
  • Matthew Wright
  • Freya North
  • Ben Richards
  • Carrie Grant
  • Gail Porter
  • Alan Davies
  • Shaun Keaveny
  • Mike Read
  • John Shuttleworth
  • Tom Rosenathal
  • Status Quo
  • The Stranglers
  • The Alarm
  • Clare Grogan
  • Mikes Hunt& Erica Nockalls
  • Horace Panter
  • My Mum!
And so very much more.... Over 100 photos and about 45,000 words.

So many fascinating experiences all put together in one book. Available in paperback, hardback and digital eBook. To see all the ways to order the book click here. Please support this book and every penny I make is donated to the charity.

Watch the book video trailer below.

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