Sunday, 16 August 2015

Book Launch Party

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A number of people have been asking me about a book launch event. As things stand the publication date is November 2nd, which will allow me to photograph Lorraine Kelly and have the book finished allowing time for a short build up to release day. 

As for a book launch party that is a bit tricky. Doing everything myself means that the budget for such an event is zero. I think that if I was to put a party together involving some of the people in the book it would need to be a pretty decent event, and my gut feeling is that I simply don't have the means to put one together. The other option is to go down the book shop route, and contact some shops and see if they might be interested in hosting the launch?

With 50 or so people having been photographed for the book it would be interesting to see how many would be interested in coming along to a launch party. Obviously a successful event could only do the book good with all the publicity.

I think it's fair to say at the moment that it's a thought in progress. It is one of the disadvantages to being a self publisher and doing everything myself. If anyone reading this has any ideas or can offer any help I would of course be very grateful.

Hopefully this week I am meeting Melinda Farrell, an Australian sports journalist and broadcaster who is currently in England covering The Ashes. The printed fundraising mugs I have produced to go alongside the book are selling well, and can be bought from my brand new website

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