Wednesday, 26 August 2015

60 Postcards Video Message

The latest person to send a video message to help with the book promotion is the lovely Rachael Chadwick. Rachael is the author of the amazing 60 Postcards which tells the story of how she lost her mother to bowel cancer and how she scattered 60 postcards around Paris in tribute on what would have been her mum's 60th birthday. It's a brilliant book if you are looking for something inspiring to read.

I actually met up with Rachael twice to photograph her for the book, and the chapter will describe exactly why this was so, and the experience of our meetings. Throughout the process of doing the book Rachael has been incredibly supportive and has always helped out where possible.

When you have watched the video you may think Rachael is a woman of few words... I can confirm that this is definitely not the case! :)

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