Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Some Good Bowel Cancer News

Deborah James is one of the increasing number of younger people who are being diagnosed with bowel cancer. Deborah, married with a young daughter, was diagnosed in May 2015. I came across her blog last year, and in spite of going through her treatment Deborah, as you can see, kindly supported the Lives & Times fundraising book I have produced for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity.

The fantastic news is Deborah is cancer free, with the results of her most recent CT scan being clear. As Deborah says on her blog her new "normal" is about to begin... She is more than ready to seize this second chance at life and live it to the absolute max. I have really enjoyed enjoyed reading her blog, with its positive tones epitomsing Deborah's determined spirit. You can go to her My Joyful Gut! blog by clicking here.

It's always great to get some good bowel cancer news, and I wish Deborah a happy,long and healthy life ahead...

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