Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lives & Times Bowel Cancer Book - What's It Worth?

£5 buys you the Kindle digital edition of Lives & Times fundraising book for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. In London, for example, that equates to the price of a pint of beer. Just think by having just one less pint in a day, week or month would allow you to buy the book. £5 would also buy you a kebab, a meal from MacDonald's, a bottle of cheap wine from the supermarket. All these you could go without on just one occasion and be able to buy the book making a valuable contribution to the charity.

The paperback edition of Lives & Times costing £10 is proving to be the most popular version of the book. These days that can be the cost of a packet of cigarettes, a ticket to the cinema, a CD / DVD, or perhaps a take-away meal for one. Just giving up buying any of the above or any £10 purchase would give you the cash to buy the paperback.

The hardback edition of Lives & Times costs £25 and is the delux version of the book that would grace any coffee table. Of course to buy this edition we have to up the stakes a bit. £25 would buy you a nice meal with a drink or two, might get you into a sporting event or even a gig or two! 

Just by making a small sacrifice the book can be affordable to everyone. All proceeds I receive from sales of the book are donated to Beating Bowel Cancer, and so far the book has raised about £875. To see how to buy the Lives & Times fundraising book for Beating Bowel Cancer click here.

My mother has been battling bowel cancer since 2012, and is the reason and inspiration for me doing the book. Next week she goes into hospital for another major operation in her fight with cancer. 

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