Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Working On The Cover Design

The cover design of the book is hugely important, as I want it to be something that will stand out grabbing the prospective buyer's attention, whilst at the same having a relevance to the book and its content. The above photo is one such idea I am working on at the moment where I use a human head shape, and fill it with cropped and resized mini-photos from the book. How many people inside the head can you recognise?

I have to be honest that I struggle to visualize anything involving design, so this is a pretty decent effort for me! I will save how I have created this for another blog when the cover design is finalised, but modern photo editing software allows even amateurs such as myself to get creative. 

It appears at the moment that there are 9 spaces inside the head for full uncut photos, so if I go with this idea I shall have to think carefully as to who makes it onto the prestigious central spaces. Even doing a book where everyone has so kindly given up their time I still have one or two favourites! I like the idea of making it black and white as it will stand out nicely on a white cover. I am also thinking of trying the same idea using a coloured tint.

On eBay I have ordered a polystyrene human head as I want to try out this idea in my little photo studio, and see how it compares to the one above I created by downloading the head image from the internet.

I have also to decide on the font for the main title, and I have still to settle on a sub-heading that will describe the fundraising purpose of the book. I will also come to a decision on whether there is going to be a back cover or to leave it blank. My current feeling is to have a back cover, which is something my first fundraising book didn't have.

I am always open to offers of help or fresh ideas with this, so don't be shy if you have something to say on the topic!

Thanking Jane Roberts for this latest idea, which is to turn the face photo into a negative image. This might work!

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