Thursday, 15 January 2015

Coming Soon... Miles and Erica from The Wonder Stuff

I was delighted when a request on Twitter to Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls from The Wonder Stuff to take part in the book was accepted straight away by Miles. If everything goes to plan this will be the last photo I take for the book as I am meeting them at their acoustic gig in Winchester at the beginning of March. Hopefully by then the last few people I have left to photograph will have been done, and then the countdown to publication can begin!

So as the book nears completion I still have to hopefully photograph, Gabby Logan, Freya North, Christopher Biggins, and Kylie Michelle Smith. If I can nab anyone else in the next 6 weeks I will, but I am going to try and work to an end of February deadline, bar Miles and Erica, otherwise the book will just keep going back. I am so looking forward to sharing this labour of love I have been working on over the last year.

One more thought I am having is whether to ask someone to write a forward for the book? It might be nice to have someone who I have photographed do this?

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