Thursday, 22 January 2015

Book Sponsorship

Why does the book need sponsorship I hear you ask? The idea is if I can get a lump sum up front I could buy a print run of books at a discounted price, which I can then sell on making more money for the charity, also potentially sell through local bookshops, and also be able to send copies to the people who have kindly given up their time for free to help with this book. At the moment I would have to buy copies myself just like anyone else, which makes it difficult to send copies out to these people or for reviews etc.

As part of a print run it might well be possible to get some bigger hardback cover books done too. This would be an expensive outlay, so instead of having to wait for a certain number of people to pay up front, this could be done through the sponsorship. When the last book was published a number of people did ask about hardback covers.

What would a sponsor get for their money? The cover would feature the sponsor's name and logo, and possibly on the inside too depending on a sponsors requirement. It might also be possible to photograph a sponsor's patron for inclusion in the book.

How much? This is the big question. £250 would probably allow me to buy 50 normal editions of the book. £500 around 100 copies. £1000 which would be fantastic then brings the hardback cover into the equation too, as my current guess is that these copies will cost over £20 each to buy depending on how many I order at once.

So if there are any potential sponsors out there reading this and are interested please get in touch, or if anyone knows of anyone please let me know I would be really grateful. If I am unsuccessful it will not affect the publication in any way.

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