Monday, 5 January 2015

Introduction to the Lives & Times Fundraising Book For Beating Bowel Cancer

2015 will see the publication of the "Lives & Times" fundraising book for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. This blog is dedicated to the book, and will follow its progress as it nears completion and is published. The book will feature a collection of photographs of various people, and anecdotal stories about the photos. The process of putting the book together started back in March 2014 when I photographed Status Quo from the photo pit at the Hammersmith Apollo, and since then I have met up with and snapped many famous people who have all very kindly given up their time to support the book. Among those on board are Steve Redgrave, Gabby Logan, Matthew Wright, Christopher Biggins, Carrie Grant, Johnathan Agnew, Gail Porter, Alan Davies, Freya North, Antonia Mariconda and Clare Grogan. As well as a number of bands the book also features many everyday people photos.

I have been supporting this particular charity since 2012, as it was then that my mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer. In September 2012 she had a section of her bowel removed and then at the start of 2014 she underwent two further operations on her lungs where she had a cancerous nodule ,which was a secondary bowel cancer. She remained in remission for about 18 months, but unfortunately in November 2014 another cancerous nodule appeared on one of her lungs. She underwent surgery in February which was successful, and has made a fantastic recovery. The treatment and care she has received throughout has been wonderful. Information about the charity and the work that is does can be found by clicking here.

Following mum's treatment I decided to try and give something back, so at the end of 2012 I published a book of various photos, and the stories behind them called "Beating Bowel Cancer". It is still available to buy on Amazon and all proceeds raised are donated to the charity. 

The current plan is to publish "Lives & Times" this summer once again on Amazon. The book is well on the way to completion with just a few more photos to get done. I will move the publication date back if necessary as the main thing is to make the book as good as I possibly can. The above picture is one idea I am currently working on for the book cover. 

The blog will be regularly updated with news on photos, and most importantly its release date and how to buy it. 

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