Saturday, 1 October 2016

Lovely Letter of Condolence From Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly sporting the Beating Bowel Cancer tie

One of the final photographs I took for the book was of ITV daytime TV presenter Lorraine Kelly. It was a glorious sunny autumn morning in September 2015, and I ended up meeting Lorraine in the studio right after her daily morning show had finished.

The chapter in the book describes the experience in full, and it was absolutely fascinating spending time watching a live show from the back of the studio behind the cameras. I wasn't expecting to be able to take Loraine's photo in the studio, so that was a real bonus. She was lovely and couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating, and the studio set was even kept in place for a few extra minutes to enable me to do the photography.

I have received the most lovely letter of condolence from Lorraine. This epitomises the kindness and support I have received from so many people since Mum died, including messages from a number of people who feature in the book.

Lorraine Kelly with the Lives & Times book

I received a photo from Lorraine with her copy of the book after publication. When I met her she also very kindly did me a short video message to help with the book's promotion which you can view on youtube.

My Mum passed away on August 29th. She had been fighting bowel cancer for over four years. It was a couple of months after meeting Lorraine that Mum's cancer spread to her brain. Having undergone four lung operations in addition to the bowel operation in 2012, this was a battle that Mum sadly couldn't win. She fought with great courage and dignity. The final brain seizure at the beginning of June had pretty much paralysed her right side and put her in hospital. She then moved to a nursing home in Maidenhead where she spent the last few weeks of her life under palliative care. She remained in amazing spirits right up until when she celebrated her 80th birthday just a week before she passed away.

If anything the whole point of doing the book has been even more reinforced by losing Mum. Please support this fundraising book as every sale counts both in raising money and raising awareness about bowel cancer.

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