Friday, 28 October 2016

Eddie Macdonald & Nigel Twist of The Alarm Reunite For Lives & Times

Just over two years ago in October 2014 I met up with Nigel Twist and Eddie Macdonald from The Alarm in Central London to capture them for the Lives & Times fundraising book supporting the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. Interestingly the date also marked the 11th anniversary of The Alarm's reunion gig at The Scala.

Eddie was one of the first people I approached to take part in the book, and he immediately came back to me with an enthusiastic yes. It was Eddie's idea to do the photo with Nigel who was on a rare visit to the UK from the United States. Since the band split in 1991 Eddie has established himself as a highly respected professional photographer, and Nigel is a Senior Investigator at the San Francisco Public Defenders Office.

It was great being able to chat the guys about The Alarm. I had not met either of them before in spite of being a huge fan of their music for over 30 years. With Eddie also being a professional photographer there was a little bit of added pressure for me to get the photo right, but they were both lovely and made me feel so relaxed. We even grabbed a passer by to take a picture of the three of us.

This year has also seen a welcome return to music scene for Eddie with his new musical project Smalltown Glory and the release of the brilliant The Tenement Commandments EP Vol. 1 I think everyone who has heard it is now eagerly awaiting more music. Nigel also made a guest appearance on the EP. Even going back to October 2014, when we met, I remember Eddie talking to Nigel about the new songs he was recording. I also managed to photograph Mike Peters and Dave Sharp for the book completing the original line-up of The Alarm.

Ultimately the reason why Eddie and Nigel, and if fact everyone in the book came on board, was to help raise funds for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. The book also helps to raise awareness about bowel cancer, which is the 2nd highest cancer killer in the UK, and yet one of most treatable if detected early. Lives & Times is the second book I have published for the charity that I have supporting since my mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012. Mum fought a long, hard and courageous battle, but sadly she lost her battle with the cancer on August 29th. It's been a terribly sad time and just devastating, but it just serves to  increase my determination to carry on fundraising and raising awareness about bowel cancer.

Please support the book and the recently released silk screen prints. Over £3000 has been raised so far. Both are available on my website.

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