Sunday, 11 September 2016

Mum on the Phone

It's now almost 2 weeks since Mum passed away. Her brave and courageous fight with bowel cancer lasted four and a half years and it goes without saying that it is a devastating loss. The grieving process has only just begun, and I am already finding it hard to remember stuff as I have gone into self protection mode to help with through this initial grieving period. 

So I am going to use this blog to put down some memories, so when I do have trouble remembering I will be able to come here and find those memories. 

My Dad passed away in 2009, and Mum decided very quickly that she wanted to remian in the family home and keep the happy memories of him close to her. It's quite a big house, but she was happy being there on her own. I would usually stay over once a week and my brother lived with her when he was not driving to all four corners of the globe. So what I would do once a day usually around 5pm was to ring Mum for a quick catch up on the days events, and of course to make sure she was OK. Her stock answer when she knew it was me was "Hello Timmy". It's something that I am going to miss, but just remembering the sound of her voice saying those words brings a smile to my face. Yes very sad that it will not happen again, but a happy, treasured memory that I can hold on to.

Tomorrow,September 12th, is going to be a big day as we are going to see Mum one final time in the Chapel of Rest. I am pretty confident that it is going to be a beautiful experience.

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