Wednesday, 14 September 2016

An Idea For My Next Book

I have been thinking long and hard over recent months about whether or not to do a third fundraising book for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. I got so much pleasure out of doing Lives & Times I knew the chances are that I would want to do another book. Now that we have sadly lost Mum to this most awful disease I think that it is only fitting that I do a book dedicated to her memory and her long battle with bowel cancer.

But of course what to do? I think that the idea of meeting and photographing people is a winner and has great universal appeal. So my thinking is that I will once again do the same thing. However this time the book will have a theme running through each chapter. I am thinking possibly asking the people I meet to tell me about their first or favourite record they bought perhaps? Or their favourite book?

Now I fully appreciate that everyone who has bought Beating Bowel Cancer and Lives & Times might be thinking "not again already...". I understand this and I wouldn't want people to feel under any pressure to support me yet again anytime soon. So another book will take me a good 2-3 years giving everyone a rest! Hopefully by the time I come to publish everyone will once again be happy to support me. Of course the other thing is to get people on board a new book. To date I have tried sending out a some feelers to a few new celebrities and I have had no luck with positive replies yet! So that might scupper the idea too! So if anyone has ideas of who I might approach for the new book please let me know...

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