Sunday, 15 May 2016

Lives & Times Limited Edition Print The Beginning

Guildford artist Adam Green has very kindly offered to come up with an original piece of Lives & Times art to raise money for Beating Bowel Cancer. I went down to see him at Ochre Print Studio where he will be putting the design together and printing the finished article. The studio has also very kindly sponsored all the printing materials Adam will be using, which means that absolutely every penny will end up with the charity. Well hopefully every penny if we can sell the prints ourselves without having to use galleries. There will only be 25 prints made so you will have to get in quick!

So in the above photo what you can see is the first layer Adam has created for the end design. He was going to run this through the screen printing process later that day. Adam's creations very much evolve as they develop, so although Adam has an idea where he is going with the design, it could very well change as he goes along working with different colours and putting down different layers. The blog will document the print's development over the coming weeks.

One of the things Adam was sorting out with Annee and Jule when I got there was the paper that will be used for the prints. This is a very important aspect of screen printing with some papers much better suited than others.

To give you an idea of how Adam uses colours and layers here is one of his finished pieces of work. The depth that the combination of colours and layers gave was really stunning. I can't wait to see the development of the Lives & Times design.

The Lives & Times charity book has sold very well with over £1300 being raised by it to date. The book features photos and the stories behind them as met and photographed many famous people over the course of 18 months. To see how you can get hold of the book click here.

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