Saturday, 7 May 2016

Lives & Times : The Brazilian Connection

Here we have Manuela Santini pictured with her copy of the Lives & Times book in Brazil. She also features in one of the more unusual chapters in the book. The photo of her in the book was one of the few that I didn't take myself. Obviously it would have been fantastic to have been able to go there to take the photo but alas not possible. The book has many famous names, but some of the most interesting chapters are those featuring less well known people such as Manuela.

Manuela kindly translated the first charity book I published, Beating Bowel Cancer, into Portuguese. That is how we met in this virtual social media world that we live in. The above photo is taken with a stunning backdrop, and I believe it is from São Paulo, where she lives and runs her own translation business. The book took an age to reach her, which was rather frustrating, as she bought it from Book Depository upon my recommendation. However it's still a great site for the shipping the book worldwide with free shipping.

The potential of increasing sales through people sending me photos of themselves with the book should not be underestimated and really does help. Sharing these posts and photos makes a massive difference, so please help with doing this whenever possible. If you have yet to send me a photo of yourself with your copy of the book please can you do so :) It would be great to see a few more photos of the book in the various destinations it has reached so far. There have been some photos sent from the United States, but I am still waiting to get a photo of the book from Australia for example.

To see how you can buy the book click here.

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