Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lives & Times Book Kindle Edition

The kindle edition of the Lives & Times fundraising book for Beating Bowel Cancer is available to buy and download from Amazon. It costs £5 and all of the £2.50 I receive is donated to the charity. 

I have been heavily promoting the physical versions of the book. The hardback and paperback version are available on my own website www.bowelcancerfundraising.co.uk and so far they account for over 95% of the sales. I must admit I am a fan of reading both physical books and eBooks. However I have to be honest that with Lives & Times I love the physical editions. That being said I have the eBook and am constantly referring to it, and love having it on my phone at the touch of a button. Many people now only read books on their devices, and that is something that I am happy to embrace.

The idea of Lives & Times is to raise as much money as possible for Beating Bowel Cancer. My original target was £1000, and the total is currently standing at almost £950 so it is ever so close now. The book also aims to raise awareness about bowel cancer, which is the second highest cancer killer in the UK, but in over 90% of cases patients can live for five years or longer if it is detected early. We need to get past this taboo about talking about an area of our body we would prefer not to, and something that involves using the words "bum" and "poo". 

Please support Lives & Times in any way you can and do our bit to help beat bowel cancer.

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