Monday, 16 January 2017

Bowel Cancer Metastasis

This lovely photo was taken back in September 2013 celebrating my niece Anna's 7th birthday. I love looking at these photos and seeing the lovely relationship Mum had with Anna. During this period it was at a time when Mum was 18 months in remission and all was going so well. It was a couple of months later when the cancer returned. 

Mum suffered from secondary cancer, otherwise known as cancer metastasis. This is where the cancer spreads to other parts of the body from the primary site. In Mum's case the cancer spread from the bowel to her lungs, and then finally to her brain. Sadly, the cancer on the brain was a battle she couldn't win and she peacefully passed away on August 29th. Her positive approach and determination throughout to beat the cancer was amazing, and she will always be regarded in my eyes as a true inspiration...

I spent 18 months putting the Lives & Times book together. Aside from the fundraising, if the book can help raise awareness and help prevent just one person from going through what Mum and too many others like her have had to go through, then it will have more than done its job. The total amount raised so far stands at  a little over £3100. This total includes sales of the wonderful Lives & Times Screen Print created by Reigate artist Adam Green. I am truly thankful to everyone who has bought either the book or screen print so far, and both are available to buy from my website.

I am now in the very early stages of putting together a new fundraising book in memory of Mum.

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