Friday, 6 January 2017

Lives & Times Bowel Cancer Book Reviews

The role that reviews play in getting the book out to a wider audience is an important part of taking the book forward. In basic terms when people see an item on Amazon has a high number of good reviews they are more likely to buy it. This is both irrational but predictable behaviour...

At the moment less than a quarter of the sales have been on Amazon with the vast majority being sold on my own website This is good for the fundraising as more money goes to the charity from purchases made on my website.

However it does not matter where you have bought the book as you can still post a review on Amazon.

The reviews so far have been great with some maximum five start reviews. If I know someone has bought the the book I always ask them if they would be kind enough to post a review. However it is more important to get a  high quantity of reviews, as a book with 500 four-star reviews will sell more copies than a book with 15 five-star reviews.

So for anyone who has kindly bought the Lives & Times fundraising book and not managed to do a review yet, please could you post one on Amazon as every review really does help. Please take a look at the reviews posted so far by clicking here.

To see how you can purchase the Lives & Times book click here. All proceeds I receive are being donated to the Beating Bowel Cancer charity with over £3250 raised so far. My mother died in August 2016 after the bowel cancer spread to her brain by way of her left lung.

I am also very keen to get the book reviewed by the media and book reviewers. This has so far proved to be very challenging. If anyone reading this has any ideas to help I would be very grateful.

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