Monday, 7 March 2016

Lives & Times Facebook Page

I have to admit that since the Lives & Times bowel cancer fundraising book was published last November, my Facebook page has been dominated by posts about the book. I have been continuously been looking to plug the book and get my contacts to buy it. I think three months on pretty much everyone who knows me on Facebook will have bought their copy by now. If they haven't the chances are slim that they are going to buy it now. 

I have therefore decided to create a Facebook page for Lives & Times. In this way I can calm down the promoting of the book on my main profile, but still be able to post all the latest book developments on the new page I have put up. So please check out the page here and like it if you can...

Last week was quite an eventful week after a relatively quiet period. My Mum had major lung surgery to remove the lower lob of her left lung where the secondary cancer from the bowel has continuously been forming. She is currently making a good recovery at Harefield Hospital from what is her 5th major operation in four years. The book also had a surge in sales. This for the most part has been from fellow fans of my favourite band The Alarm. I have made some great new connections on Facebook and the support has been amazing. To any of those guys reading this, I am more grateful to you all that I can express here in a few words. I know, how in  many case, bowel cancer has touched your lives too. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person... The book has raised almost £950, and you can see how you can buy and support the book here. Every single sale makes a massive difference both is raising money for Beating Bowel Cancer, and raising awareness about this awful disease.

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