Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lorraine Kelly Features In The Lives & Times Beating Bowel Cancer Fundraising Book

One of the last chapters I completed for the Lives & Times charity book was meeting and photographing, star of daytime ITV, Lorraine Kelly. It was an amazing day as I got to go on the set to meet her and do the photograph. I thought it would be a photo outside the studio after the show, but she was wonderful, and the crew even delayed taking down the set to allow me to take the photos. I had the added bonus of Lorraine very kindly recording a video message for me.

To further help publicise the book, Lorraine very kindly sent a recent photo of herself with the book.

To find out how you can order the book click here. Absolutely every penny I receive in royalties is being donated to the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. So far the book raised over £900 for Beating Bowel Cancer.

My Mum has been fighting bowel cancer since 2012. Back then her bowel was successfully operated on and the section containing the cancer was removed, but she has suffered from cancerous nodules on her lungs which is a secondary cancer from the bowel. The cancer has recently come back to the lung and also spread to her brain. To treat the brain cancer she had "CyberKnife" treatment at the beginning of January over three consecutive days.  Last week she had major surgery to remove the lower lob of her left lung where more nodules had formed. This was the 4th time she has had her lungs operated on, making it 5 operations in total. She is now 79 so I have nothing but admiration for courage and determination to get through this...

Once again a massive thank you to Lorraine for her wonderful support.

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