Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Lives & Times All Over The World

I have spent some time recently researching different ways of the various ways to buy the Lives & Times book. After all it is available all over the world. In the UK many people have used my own website or bought it from Amazon. In countries such as the United States, Amazon is a good place to buy the book as it is shipped locally and saves on postage costs. However in many countries it is not possible to buy the physical edition of the book on Amazon, and for me to post the book from the UK is not really financially viable.

So one excellent option is the Book Depository online store and you can view the book on their website by clicking here. This site offers Lives & Times at the same list price as you would pay in the UK from Amazon, but with the added advantage that it offers free shipping to anywhere in the world! So now people in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore or you name it, can order a physical copy of the book and have it delivered for free. 

My mother has recently had treatment for the spread of the bowel cancer to her lungs and brain. She had the lower left lung lob removed in March, whilst she underwent "Cyberknife" treatment in January for the brain cancer. A recent seizure caused by the tumour on her brain put mum in hospital for 6 weeks leaving her virtually paralysed down her right side and badly affected her speech. The devastating news is that the cancer is now terminal. 

All proceeds from sales of the book are donated to the Beating Bowel Cancer charity.

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