Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Lives & Times Bowel Cancer Fundraising Book Manuscript

So here is the printed out hard copy of the new book. Whilst I have continued to upload copies for digital proofing and formatting, this manuscript will be sent up to a great friend of mum's who is going to proof read it for me. Anne Manson has a background in journalism including working for The Times. She will be able to cast her expert eye over the text and pick up any errors / typos there might be that my untrained eye has missed. 

Once this has been done, I will be able to upload the final copies and order a physical proof. So hopefully if that comes back and is OK I will be able to press the green light and put the book up live with all the links for people to buy a copy. The book will be coming out in 6"x9" paperback,  8.5"x11" hardback, and as an ebook. I think that by going with a November 27th publication date, I will not be rushing it out, ensuring everything is right. I will be able to have a build up to its release and see if I can attract some publicity. There is a good possibility that anyone who pre-orders the physical book on my own website or through me directly will get it before that date.

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