Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dave Sharp from The Alarm Supports Bowel Cancer Charity Book

I met and photographed Dave Sharp, the original guitarist with The Alarm, at his recent acoustic gig at The Railway Inn, Winchester. I had been on Dave's trail for the book ever since I had photographed Twist & Eddie from the band a year or so ago, but he had proved to be somewhat elusive. In fact having pretty much given up hope of hearing anything I was delighted when Dave emailed just a couple of days before the gig and he was very happy to be part of it.

Dave was very enthusiastic and was keen that the photos were as good as we could make them. He certainly has a creative eye. I hadn't seen Dave play live for a few years, and the gig was absolutely brilliant. He is a real master craftsman... It's a great venue and I was lucky enough to see a bit of the soundcheck where Dave went to great lengths to ensure he got the sound absolutely right.

So I have managed to meet and photograph all four original members of The Alarm for the book. Short of getting them together in the same room this is quite an achievement and one I am really pleased about.

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