Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lorraine Kelly Comes On Board

Last Friday brought a nice surprise with Lorraine Kelly coming on board the book. I had sent a request some weeks earlier, so I had thought it was not going to happen such had been the gap.  Her a PA came back with a yes which was brilliant. Obviously with Lorraine being one of the biggest stars on daytime TV this is a great scoop for the book. 

Lorraine is away for the summer so the photo won't be done until into September. It looks I will be going up to the TV studio to do the photo which is quite exciting. So this does mean that I will almost certainly have to delay publication as it would now make getting it all ready for October 1st a bit tight, and there is no real rush. I am thinking it will now most probably be published on November 1st. So as far as the count down of days goes it's a case of Stop The Clock! However the build up to publication will continue with more videos, the printed mugs and anything else I can think of. 

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