Monday, 20 July 2015

73 Days To Launch - ISBN & Who To Use To Print-on-Demand

Today marks 73 days to go until the October 1st publication of the book. The above image is an idea I am playing around with for the back cover at the moment. It's been quite an eventful day in the terms of planning the book. 

When I published the Beating Bowel Cancer Book back in 2012 I used Create Space for the print-on-demand service sold through Amazon. The margin wasn't great but it was a good service. Today I was doing some preliminary costings and to my horror the new book, more than three times the size of the first book, would need to be over £15 to make just £1 for the charity in a similar paperback size. Simply not viable. Fortunately the other website I have been looking at called LightningSource is much cheaper. I should be able to charge £10 for the paperback edition and make over £2 for the charity, and they also offer a hardback service, so I am thinking that version will be nearer £20 to get the charity about £4. I will continue my investigations and once I have everything finalised I shall reveal where and how to buy the book. One other thing I will probably offer this time is for people to buy from me direct. If I bulk buy myself I will get additional discounts, and even allowing for the postage, I think I will make more money per copy that way. It will all become a lot clearer soon...

For the new book I am also buying my own ISBN numbers. For the first book on Create Space I used their free service, which was fine, but it somewhat restricted me to using them. With my own numbers I can sell each edition through whichever outlets I choose. 

It's something that once I get right will serve me well, but it is one of the reasons why the book will be out in October to allow for any problems to be sorted rather than panic!

For those of you that haven't watched the first video trailer for the new, here it is...

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