Saturday, 24 December 2016

RIP Rick Parfitt from Status Quo

It was with great sadness today that I learned of the passing of Rick Parfitt from Status Quo. Lives & Times was published in November, 2015 and sadly during 2016 three people featured in the book have since passed away. My mother, the inspiration behind the book, lost her 4 year battle with bowel cancer in August. In September the wonderful Billy Franks died quite suddenly, and now on Christmas Eve, Rick Parfitt has also been taken.

I didn't get to meet Status Quo in person when I photographed them. However it was a fantastic experience as their management organised a photo pass for me for The Frantic Four gig at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2014. They were the first "celebs" I'd approached for the book and had come back with an immediate yes. I had the first three songs in the photo pit by the stage and it was without doubt the most nervous I was for any of the photos I did for the book. I took over 200 photos and here are acouple of Rick in his classic poses.

I can remember Rick catching my eye as I was I was snapping away gesturing me to photograph bass player Alan Lancaster. I can only speculate as to why he did this, but maybe he wanted to make sure that Alan and John, who had rejoined the band for the tour, were given as much attention as himself and Francis. A very unselfish attitude and that of a true gent... The result of this small gesture by Rick was that I turned towards Alan who was playing on the other end of the stage and took what I still consider to be one of the best photos in the book.

Today is a day when thoughts are naturally with Rick's family, friends and his fellow band members past and present. One of the best rhythm guitarists we have known has been lost, but has left a legacy that will not be forgotten.

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