Monday, 1 August 2016

Lives & Times Meets John Shuttleworth

Making contact with, John Shuttleworth, the comedy character created by Graham Fellows (also responsible for Jilted John) was an interesting experience in itself. My initial request to John was returned and I was instructed to go through his manager Ken. I gamely followed the instructions and at this point Graham did pop up as himself and readily agreed to be in the book.

I met and photographed John at his gig at the South Street Arts Centre in Reading in 2014. Graham lost his mother to bowel cancer when she was just aged 54, which was another reason for him taking an interest in the book.

I was looked after really well and Graham allowed me to go and meet him in his dressing room during the interval. What was fascinating was how he stayed in character during the interval. He started off as Graham, but such was his concentration for the evening's performance that he had to revert to being John, which was brilliant. It made for another wonderful chapter for the book.

The Lives & Times book, and now screen prints, have so far raised over £2300 for Beating Bowel Cancer. My mother who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012 has fought a long and brave battle, but sadly the cancer has recently spread to her brain and the cancer is now terminal. She is comfortable in a nursing home where she can receive the 24/7 care that she now needs. Please support the book and help raise funds and also awareness about bowel cancer.

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