Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Book Foreword...

I am very pleased to announce that Matthew Wright has written a wonderful foreword for the book. It is something that I found quite moving when I read it, and I would love to share it with you on here, but you will have to buy the book when its published later this year to read it for yourself :) When it came to thinking about who to ask to do this Matthew was the obvious choice. Firstly he has a high profile which will help enhance the book's credibility, and secondly and more importantly he has a knowledge and passion about bowel cancer that shone through when I photographed him for the book. Apart from Joanne, who is editing the book for me, Matthew is the first person to get to see the book in its fully glory. It still requires more work, but I sent him a version that is mighty close to how it will be published. 

There are still a few more photos to do, but the end is definitely within sight now. Next week I am hoping to photograph Gabby Logan and Christopher Biggins. I am also hopeful that Jonathan Agnew from BBC Test Match Special will meet me, although this might have to be in a few weeks time once he returns from the West Indies tour. With Tom Rosenthal and Kylie Michelle Smith being other ones I am hoping to do that will complete the book unless any other last minute opportunities crop up.

I haven't had any success with obtaining book sponsorship yet, which is a shame as it would have been a great boost for its release, and getting copies printed and out there to those who took part and potential book reviewers etc. However I haven't given up, and if anyone out there can help please let me know.

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